The company Matusewicz Budowa Maszyn in February 2018 finished production of another one new version horizontal etching system. Fully automatic machine will be a single-side etching of precision cutting dies made of steel sheet, tools for punching on magnetic drums.

Thanks to recently designed spray systems, it is possible to achive 30% faster production time and better plates surface than machines of the previous generation. Etching medium is uniformly distributed by high resolution spray system. Specially developed transport allows for processing of single-side etching-protected plates, up to 5 mm thick. A 850 mm working width and four meter long made this machine a very efficient and compact system.

Matusewicz etching machines are designated to etching die blades, photochemical milling (PCM) and etching of copper on printed circuit boards (PCB). We offer single and double-side etching systems, equipped with multi-chamber rinsing modules, drying with hot and / or cold air, spraying, immersion and special. Versions with working width 650, 850 and 1050 mm are standard, but there are no problem to do custom versions, as well as for unusual thicknesses of the plates.

We offer a lot of different machines for horizontal continuous production: acid and alkaline etching, development, striping, hole metallization, desmear, blackhole, pre-cleaning and final-clean, high-pressure cleaning and a complete DES system.