Basic activity includes:

  • developing concept of technological needs of the investment,
  • preparation of design and construction documentation,
  • realization of turnkey investment (preparation of formal and legal documents, investmental consulting, coordinating the implementation, investment supervision),
  • execution, delivery and installation of equipment (technological lines, sewage treatment plants, technological ventilation etc.),
  • continuous cooperation in training and service,
  • substantive assistance in obtaining EU funds (innovative technologies, ecology).

Experience in the production of modern electroplating devices, specialized engineers and participation in realization of multi-stage investments allows Matusewicz Budowa Maszyn S.A. being reliable and professional partner in achieving common goals.
Individual engagement in your investment from the design stage to lines’ start-up results in real benefits that primarily guarantee a profit through optimizing efficiency and improving the quality of manufactured parts.
Through the application of line’s advanced control system the user obtains tool to support: the calculation of production costs, efficiency analysis, monitoring devices’ processing. Cost-effective and flexible devices that we produce guarantee saving time, energy, materials and also allow for complex solving environmental issues connected with water sewage disposal management of production plant.
Each project is for us an individual and during preparation of comprehensive offer we take into account many technological and economic factors, for example:

  • production optimizing (costs’ reducing through line’s advanced control system)
  • maximum utilization of production stations in order to obtain the highest efficiency under appropriate process parameters,
  • production program (shifts amount, production cycles, reporting),
  • ergonomic design solutions,
  • selection of appropriate equipment and components.

Basic line types:

  • automatic, semi-automatic, manual
  • for details treatment: on hangers, in barrels and baskets
  • with transport by gantry crane and gate
  • for special use (PCB treatment, wires treatment etc.)

Basic types of processes such as:

  • chromium +6, +3
  • technical chromium, hard
  • zink plating
  • copper plating
  • nickel plating
  • brass plating
  • gold plating
  • silver plating
  • anodizing
  • others

Plating baths and tanks

  • made of plastic – PPH, PVC, PE, PVDF
  • made of acid-resistant and stainless steel
  • gummed steel
  • soft and semi-hard PVC – lined steel

Process instrumentation:

  • complete equipment the treatment tanks
  • additional peripheral technological instrumentation
  • tanks