Matusewicz Budowa Maszyn offers instalations ensuring complex solution of environmental issues directly connected with water sewage disposal management of particular production plant. Starting from designing through constructing and assembling to start-up and service care of made objects.
On the basis of the output materials such as production plans, amount and quality of sewage as well as requirements for its purity degree demanded by the recipient, we undertake to develop a conception of solving wastewater treatment problem.
After the detailed analysis of assumption’s data we select an optimal technological system both economically and localization as well as in terms of its effectiveness.
We offer constructing brand new installations as well as implementing automatization and modification existing objects. Accepted during modernization technological processes are designed to achieve following results:

  • reducing the amount of waste by partial or full waste water reclamation from processings,
  • reducing salinity of waste water by abatement of reacting substances consumption and also by mutual neutralization of acidic and alkaline sewage,
  • neutralizer’s space limitation through all devices tight grouping,
  • application of modern technologies in neutralization sewage,
  • reducing the amount of hazardous waste.

As a contractor we offer carrying out objects depending on customer requirements and wishes: turnkey or just in range specified by customer. We also provide completion and delivery of necessary devices and equipment for constructing treatment plants. Objects we construct are based on our very own projects or documentation submitted by investor.